Dr. White not only provides great care to his patients in a clinical setting, but also continually seeks opportunities to improve the community in which he calls home. Dr. White is the Chairman of the Nevada Commission on Education Technology, and also works with the Partners in Education program to bolster the academic achievements and build confidence in the students at Katherine Dunn Elementary in Reno, NV. In addition, Dr. White has been a volunteer pre-dental advisor since 2003. He has helped over 500 students complete their goal of getting into dental school.

Outside of the dental field Dr. White has created the annual “Making the Grade” Scholastic & Amateur Skate Contest. A first of its kind tournament to recognize both skateboarding skills and scholastic achievements of students in Northern Nevada. The participant’s final grades that are submitted before the competition will be factored into their final score in the skate competition. The higher the grade, the higher the final score.