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Crowns and Bridges Make Your Smile Whole Again

If you’re experiencing functional and/or aesthetic problems with your teeth, or if you’ve lost one (or more) of your teeth, routine and everyday tasks such as talking and eating can become next to impossible. Severely damaged teeth can also be tremendously painful, and can result in an altered smile, which can really sap your self-confidence! Often, however, even the most severely damaged teeth are able to be restored without full removal and replacement. Dr. David M. White offers a complete range of dental crowns and bridges at his practices in Reno, NV and Elko, NV, proudly providing the tools necessary to reinvent your smile! We offer nearly two decades of restorative experience with dental crowns and bridges, along with the artistry to produce fully-customized, natural-looking results that are tailored to your individual oral features. We also offer full repairs and restorations using advanced composite and porcelain materials, which allow for durable, long-lasting results for years to come.
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An Affordable Option to Correct Severely Damaged Teeth

Dental crowns are essentially customized caps that fit over your existing tooth. If one or more teeth are damaged or decaying to the point that composite fillings are not an option, crowns and/or bridges may be the option you need! Crowns are also common in order to preserve the health and structure of a tooth after root canal therapy, and can even be used to restore permanent dental implants. Some of the functional and aesthetic benefits of dental crowns include:

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Full or Partial Tooth Loss? Dental Bridges Offer a Permanent Solution

An intermediate option between fillings and full-mouth fixed dental implants, dental bridges are a series of fused dental crowns that can help repair large gaps in the teeth, as well as pockets of teeth that are in advanced stages of decay. In order to ensure a perfect fit, Dr. White will first take an impression of the area that is in need of restoration. Your personal impression is then used to create a fully customized bridge from advanced composite materials, which fully match the unique shape and color of your natural teeth. Some of the benefits of dental bridges include:
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The Best Dental Crowns and Bridges in Reno and Elko, NV

Of course, a major concern for many patients is the cost of a crown or dental bridge. In fact, one of the most common questions we get asked is, “How much are dental crowns in Reno, NV?” We make the very best effort to ensure that our dental bridge costs and tooth crown costs are affordable for all of our patients, and we gladly accept most major insurance providers. Of course, the cost of dental bridges and crowns will depend on the needs and demands of your personal case, but rest assured we offer dental membership plans and third-party payment options for patients that do not have dental insurance. If you’re in need of a dental crown or bridge, give our offices a call today in Reno, NV and Elko, NV to discuss affordable, effective options that will help reduce pain and help restore the natural, healthy smile you deserve.

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