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Dr. David M. White | Relationships Are Our Purpose

At the offices of Dr. David M. White, our team’s goal is to be impactful in everything we do. From providing elite world-class dental care to offering volunteer services and engaging with the local community, our aim is to have a positive impact on each and every person we serve, and on every person we come into contact with. We operate each day with the specific purpose of bettering those around us, and this starts with building real meaningful relationships with every patient that walks through our office doors. We are founded on an unwavering set of core values, and it is these values that allow us to provide the state-of-the-art services and elite level of dental care that we’re known for. Our aim is to inspire those around us, to be disciplined in our daily purpose, and most importantly, to provide world-class patient care through unparalleled clinical skill. Call or visit our Reno, NV or Elko, NV office today, and experience what purpose-driven dentistry is all about!

Trusted For Our Care. Defined By Our Values.

A visit to the dentist's office doesn't have to follow generations-old stereotypes. Our team's culture is founded on authentic doctor/patient relationships, and this means taking a personalized approach to your specific dental needs. As a patient of Dr. White, you will experience firsthand the core values that our practices are built on:


Building Real Patient Relationships

We truly believe that a positive dental experience is founded on a meaningful doctor/patient relationship. We work to preserve this relationship each and every day, and in doing so, we are able to offer an unparalleled level of dental care to the diverse people and communities of northern Nevada.


Inspiring Those Around Us

We aim to be an inspiration not only to our patients, but to the communities we serve and to everyone around us. We prioritize education for pre-dental students, actively engage in the communities that we're a part of, and frequently volunteer our skills and services to the people that need them most.


Being Disciplined In Our Daily Purpose

We believe discipline provides a tangible bridge between goals and accomplishments. Discipline is the lifeblood of Dr. White's workplace culture, and it is through discipline and dedication that we are able to fulfill our purpose of improving patient's lives day in and day out.


Providing Patient Value Through Clinical Skill

Operating on a rigid set of values is one thing, but a great dental practice is nothing without the skill and experience needed to achieve world-class results. From advanced whitening treatments and cosmetic procedures to full mouth dental restorations, Dr. White has nearly two decades of experience to help you achieve the oral goals you're looking for.


Aligning Our Culture and Leadership

As a direct relative of the Shoshone Native American tribe leader in Ely, Nevada, leadership is literally in Dr. White's blood. We aim to be a leader not only within the dental landscape, but within the entire region of northern Nevada, as well as the overarching regions of the communities we serve.


Maintaining Full Transparency

When it comes to dental health, the value of transparency cannot be overstated. No matter your specific dental needs, we promise to help you find the care and services required in order to optimize your oral health - even if it's not with us. Through our extensive network, we will gladly find and help you connect with the professional care you need.


Prioritizing Education

Education is the most powerful resource we have if we want to implement positive change in our community and environment. In addition to maintaining his own continuing education in the field of dentistry, Dr. White has run a pre-dental student program for nearly 20 years, and has helped get over 700 students nationwide into dental school. He also serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Nevada, and is the youngest-ever dentist to serve as the Chairman of the Council of Governmental Affairs for the American Dental Association.


Experience The Values We're Built On

By implementing the above values in all that we do, our team holds itself accountable not only to our patients, but to the communities we serve. Our underlying goal is to be purposeful through relationships, and this is a goal that we have the opportunity to achieve every single day, with every patient we see.

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Experience The Values We're Built On

Our team is bound by a steadfast, unwavering commitment to helping people achieve the dental care and attention they need. We are built on values, and each and every one of these values serves to fulfill our purpose of inspiring and improving the lives of those around us. Get in touch with our Reno, NV or Elko, NV office today, and experience the core values that set Dr. White’s office apart!

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