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Transform Flawed Teeth Into A Flawless Smile

If broken, missing and/or stained teeth are making you feel self-conscious about your smile, a complete Smile Makeover with Dr. David M. White can offer a truly transformative, life-changing experience! A brilliant smile is aesthetic, but it most certainly has the power to impact things like self-esteem, comfort and security in social situations, and even situations in your professional life.

If a reinvented smile is what you’re looking for to help boost your quality of life, Dr. White’s cosmetic dentistry expertise can offer truly transformative results. We offer Smile Makeovers at both of our office locations in Reno, NV and Elko, NV, and also work with leading insurance providers, as well as third-party financing companies to provide accessible, affordable options for all patients. We’re here to help reinvent your smile and restore your confidence so you can live an active, happy and healthy life!

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Your Smile Transformation - How It Works

Dr. White’s smile makeover treatments in Reno, NV and Elko, NV are designed to restore the cosmetic appearance of a patient’s natural oral architecture. 

During your consultation, Dr. White and his team will discuss the exact smile you’re looking to achieve. We will help you envision your own aesthetic goals, and will also conduct a full examination of your oral health using digital imaging to create a customized treatment plan. Your Smile Makeover will not only improve the look of your teeth, but will also engineer a perfectly symmetrical smile that brings out the best in your unique facial features and aesthetics, including your unique lip and gum line, bone structure, and even your skin tone.

Our Smile Makeovers combine the industry’s highest-quality composite materials, the most advanced technology available, and Dr. White’s unique dental artistry, technical skill and unparalleled experience. All this comes together in order to craft a brilliant and lasting smile!

As far as the length of your Smile Makeover treatment, this will be determined by your overall oral health, as well as the exact type of treatment you’ll need in order to restore your full smile aesthetics. With simple and routine at-home oral hygiene care, as well as follow-up appointments at our offices in Reno and Elko, you will be able to enjoy your brilliant smile for years and years! 

Give us a call today to discuss your Smile Makeover cost, as well as affordable payment options that can work for your budget.

Finding A Smile Makeover Treatment That Will Work For You


Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are custom-fabricated porcelain caps that fit securely over your natural teeth. Crowns can offer dramatic improvements in your oral aesthetics, including perfecting the color, size and shape of your teeth, all while restoring their strength, durability and function. Crowns are also common after root canal therapy, and are commonly used to restore permanent/fixed dental implants.


Dental Bridges

Bridges are a series of custom-fabricated crowns that replace one or more missing teeth. They are fused to your natural teeth on either side of an empty tooth socket(s), and can go a long way in terms of replacing aesthetics and general oral function. Bridges are one of the best methods available for achieving a brilliant smile, even after full tooth loss.


Porcelain Veneers

For cosmetic flaws like stains, gaps, crooked teeth and severe discoloration, Dr. White offers some of the best and most affordable porcelain veneer options in Reno, NV and Elko, NV. Veneers are a thin outer composite layer that covers the front surface of several teeth, and can be completed in as little as two visits to our office.


Advanced Zoom! Whitening & At-Home Whitening Kits

Professional Zoom!® whitening treatments can make your teeth multiple shades whiter in just a single session. Dr. White's advanced whitening treatments in Reno, NV and Elko, NV penetrate deep into the enamel of your teeth to remove severe, decades-long stains and discoloration. We also offer professional at-home teeth whitening kits, which can be used alone or as a supplementary treatment toward achieving stunning, long-term results.


BOTOX® & Juvederm®

Cosmetic dental BOTOX treatments are becoming increasingly popular, and can help relax oral muscles to correct things like high lip lines, shifting dentures and more! Dr. White also uses dermal fillers to achieve incredibly effective results for those suffering from lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging.

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