Unraveling the Connection: How Root Canals and Dental Crowns Work Together

Top-down photo of a doctor holding a set of different colored tooth crowns; blurred background.

Root Canals in Elko, NV are a common dental procedure that many have heard about, but few understand. A root canal involves the treatment of the pulp of a tooth, typically due to infection, and is a vital procedure for maintaining tooth health after extensive decay or damage. The primary reasons for a root canal […]

Will Root Canals Benefit My Smile?

cosmetic dentistry patient smiling

Have an infected tooth or teeth? When people have infected teeth, a skilled and trusted dental practice can treat them with a root canal in Reno, NV. In a root canal procedure, the inflamed or infected tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected, then filled and sealed with a rubber-like material called gutta percha. The results […]

Am I A Candidate For A Root Canal?

dental patient in need of a root canal.

A root canal in Reno, NV is a common dental procedure performed to treat and preserve teeth with severely infected roots. The pulp, which is the live portion of the tooth that extends into the root and contains nerve endings and tissues, can become infected, decayed, or damaged. These types of dental problems make people […]

Do You Have These Symptoms? You Should Have A Root Canal!

Image of a new patient smiling and holding a set of clear aligners.

Infected tooth roots can lead to people having sensitive and pain-ridden teeth. In order to cure people of these painful symptoms, and to preserve their natural teeth, those who have infected tooth roots should get treated with a root canal in Elko, NV. With root canals, patients will be able to save their natural teeth […]

Should I Go To A Doctor For A Root Canal Procedure?

An image of an x-ray of a tooth that needs a root canal.

Each tooth contains dental pulp which is located deep in the gum tissue. This pulp contains nerve endings that are the key reason why people can feel and sense foods, drinks, and other items that come in contact with their teeth. When people feel pain while they are eating or drinking, they should consider going […]