Am I A Candidate For Clear Aligners?

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Clear aligners in Elko, NV, are a series of custom-made clear aligners that are designed to discreetly align people’s teeth so that they have a straight and aesthetically enhanced new smile. These clear aligners apply gentle pressure to the patient’s teeth, gradually shifting them into proper alignment over time. There are a number of reasons […]

Which Steps Are Performed During A Professional Tooth Cleaning Procedure?

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People should get a professional tooth cleaning in Reno, NV twice a year. A professional tooth cleaning is not only used to clean the patient’s teeth, it is also used to prevent the patient from having other or worsened dental problems later on. At a skilled and trusted dental office, there are numerous steps performed […]

How Will I Know If I Am A Candidate For Porcelain Veneers?

Dental veneers on a blue mouth model in the laboratory

A porcelain veneer in Reno, NV is a thin porcelain shell that is applied to the front surface of a tooth. Custom-made for each patient, porcelain veneers can aesthetically enhance the look of the patient’s smile for years to come when properly taken care of. There are a number of factors that make people a […]

When Would I Need A Tooth Crown Vs A Dental Veneer?

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While a dental veneer and a tooth crown in Reno, NV, are cosmetic dentistry procedures that are both used to correct and aesthetically enhance the look of people’s smiles, there are specific reasons why each one is used. A dental veneer is a thin layer of material that is placed on the front surface of […]

Are There Differences Between A Porcelain Veneer And Lumineers Procedure?

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Porcelain veneers and Lumineers are both cosmetic dental solutions designed to enhance the look of people’s smile. Porcelain veneers in Elko, NV are made from a thin layer of porcelain material that is bonded to the front of the patient’s teeth to improve their appearance. On the other hand, Lumineers are a specific brand of […]

Am I Able To Correct My Smile With Clear Aligners?

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Ready to be free of crooked, misaligned, or gapped teeth? When people have these tooth imperfections, it may make them feel self-conscious about their smile. It may even cause people to develop other tooth problems if they don’t correct their imperfect smiles. By coming to a knowledgeable and skilled office, patients can have their smiles […]